The MJ's Story

Food, friends, and family is the decade-long mantra of MJ’s Tavern. John & Mike’s vision craved a neighborhood bar that created an environment where everyone could enjoy a home-cooked meal and sip on a refreshing beverage, all while being treated fairly.  It seems simple enough, but after the Garage closed, there was no place for all to call home. 


MJ’s Tavern is where your tummy is satisfied with love; reminiscent of Grandma’s kitchen. Made from scratch soups, salad dressings, and desserts served in generous portions for a fair price make MJ’s stand out from those traditional evening nightclub establishments. Craving creamy mashed potatoes with homemade dressing? You’ll have to wait until the potatoes are peeled, cooked, and mashed because they are made from scratch.  

Fresh salads and the famous Mike’s Grilled Chicken will keep you in swimsuit shape, but when you feel like treating yourself, add freshly baked brownies for dessert. Daily specials include traditional items like tacos and wings sprinkled with neighborhood favorites like fresh raw and roasted oysters.  MJ’s house recipes start with an idea, refined by the staff, and tested by the guests.  Favorites stay on the menu. 

Wake up hungry, and don’t forget that MJs also serves breakfast daily from 9 AM – 2 PM.  Grab a quick breakfast sandwich and coffee if you’re in a rush, or stay for a while to enjoy a Bloody Mary and Eggs Benedict.  


The saying goes, friends are strangers one hasn’t met yet, which is surely true at MJ’s Tavern.  Mike and John accept everyone so much that all the staff and customers do the same.  

True friends step up when a friend is in need, and MJ’s is no different.  A pillar in the community that reaches out past the Tavern’s four walls, MJ’s has been providing venues for fundraising efforts for over a decade.  Food drives, breast cancer outreach functions for families in need, and braving the frigid Atlantic Ocean during the Special Olympics are all examples of how MJ’s demonstrates community service in our neighborhood. 

MJ’s doesn’t stop at fundraising opportunities. The establishment has united groups with common themes.  Stop by MJ’s to grab a meal, and you might see a church or community meeting taking place, too.  You might see a group of gals playing Mahjong, and if not, there are plenty of other games to keep the good times rolling. 


Families come together in marriage, and MJ’s has accommodated weddings, too.  MJ’s family spans from first-time customers to loyal regulars, staff, and owners.  It’s the go-to place to bring your family to relax and enjoy all the benefits of a home-cooked meal without the cleanup! 

John’s military experience taught him tolerance and the need for diversity. His understanding to see people for who they are is easily seen throughout the restaurant.  Before the doors even open, John and Mike have their first round of guests.  Their in-house staff members are treated with respect and love and given chances to excel and lead, which builds confidence and loyalty. In turn, the staff treats MJ’s Tavern like their own and welcomes each guest with a friendly face and smile. 

A true anchor to the success of MJ’s is the incredible family of staff. Whether it’s Martha May, Greg, or George in the kitchen serving up amazing culinary treats, Jaime, Britanie, James, or Brenda behind the bar, or JC serving up hot meals to guests, we would never be where we are today without the hard work and support of our MJ’s Family.